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Larisis 42, Ampelokipi, Athens (near Panormou metro station)

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Enter a flavour experience that will take you far away, to India...

If you like good quality Indian Food, then this is the place for you!!!!

Take your friends and come visit our friendly environment and friendly prices Indian Restaurant in Athens!!! Tasty Papardams, crunchie Samosas and Naan pies, Tandouri oven goodies and many more flavours, spicy and less spicy, good for all!!!
We are only 5 min walking distance from Panormou metro station, 42 Larisis st., in Athens!
For reservations please call: 2106924421. Due to space limitations, we only accept reservations up to 4 people.

About Indian cuisine

When you think about Indian food, you might imagine that it will be very spicy and heavy. Yet, its history begins a long time ago, around 5.000 years ago. Since then it has evolved progressively through the alterations of various populations until it reaches the form that it has today.
Indian cuisine uses a lot of spices such as curry, cardamom, cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, coriander, chilies, the great garam masala (hot mixture), clove, cinnamon, etc.
The therapeutic attributes of spices are known since ancient times. And this is why different and spice categories have been used and continue to be used by Ayurveda (ancient traditional Indian medicine).
As part of their tradition, Indian people love and respect all the spices they use, and honor them as separate entities. They know how each spice behaves with the specific food that is being cooked, so they will add it the appropriate time. For the Indian people, the preparation of food is a ritual. Therefore you can choose how spicy you wish your food to be, as everything is prepared on the spot!
The "Tandoori" is a traditional Indian oven. The interior part is made of clay and the exterior of iron. chicken, prawns, kebab, etc, are cooked in the traditional way in the tandoori after being marinated previously in the spices. "Nan" is the traditional Indian pie. This pie is knead and cooked on the tandoori walls in a few minutes and is always served fresh and warm for you to enjoy!